Ways to Serve

Looking for ways to serve during Covid-19?

Serving from home

Community Food Kits

One of the ways that we can serve our community is to donate monetarily. Donate here. Feed Northland Kids has created a mobile Community Food Kit Program. These kits will be provided to families in many of our Northland School districts during this time of crisis. The kits will be distributed through local Churches. For more information about the Feed Northland Kids click here

Sewing Face Masks

Hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living homes, doctors offices and more facilities are in need of face masks. If you know how to sew, providing face masks would be a great way to serve our community. For facemask patterns and tutorials click here.

Family Serving:

  • There are many who are still working and serving. A fun way for littles to serve them is to have the littles (or bigs) color them a picture. Write “Thank you for serving!” and tape it to your door or garbage can.
  • Free Garbage Truck Coloring Page
  • Free Delivery Truck Coloring Page  
  • Wave and say Hi. Do not let social distancing keep you from being friendly. This is a small gesture that can go a long way and can build solid relationships now and for the future

Serving in the community

Antioch Bible Baptist Church - Gladstone, MO

Antioch is partnering with North Kansas City School District and will be a collection and distribution center for Feed Northland Kids. They are needing volunteers to serve. If you would like to serve sign up here . For more information click here.

NCKSD Meal Delivery

Starting next week, North Kansas City School District will no longer be delivering meals to bus stops. Instead families will have to pick them up from designated schools. However, some are disabled, ill, and have no transportation and are unable to get to the pick-up spots. Our friends at NKCSD have asked The Grove to help deliver meals to some of these families in the Gladstone area. This is a very tangible and doable way for our church to provide much-needed help to our community.

  • The process simply involves picking up the meals and dropping then off on the front porch and knocking.
  • Delivering meals will begin at 10am daily and take roughly an hour.
  • There are opportunities to do this any day Monday - Friday on a reoccurring basis.
  • If you would like to pitch-in, please let us know when you can help.