Membership Renewal

Annual season of re-commitment to church membership

Members of The Grove have completed the membership process and agree to abide by the Membership Covenant.

Each year in January (starting 2020), those who desire to continue in membership renew their commitment to membership by completing this renewal statement. One form should be turned in per individual wishing to renew their membership. If you do not plan to renew please also complete the form.

Check out the Resources section below for more on Membership in The Grove Church.

Renewal Form


Church with Attitude

Below is the covenant that members of The Grove agree to as members:

For an extensive review of what this commitment entails please check out the "Church with Attitude" series from Fall 2019.

Of special importance are the first and last messages in the series, Called Out and The Hidden Heart Attitude.

For a written summary of this same material click below.

Explore The Grove

If you did not attend a recent "Explore The Grove" you can review the content from that class by clicking the button below.

Further Reading

If you'd like to read more on church membership in general, here are some recommended articles and books