GROVE Groups

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What is a G.R.O.V.E. Group?

As one part of carrying out this mission we will create small groups made up of 3-5 people of a single gender (3 men or 4 women, etc), including a faithful facilitator, who meet at least every other week to spur each other on to:

Grow in grace

R.E.A.P. from God’s Word (more on the acronym later)

Open up about obstacles - temptations and challenges 

View and value life from God’s perspective

Expand the knowledge of Jesus through relationships

G.R.O.V.E. Groups are for those who want to grow in Christ and will make the group a priority by attending regularly, participating in the discussion and communicating with the group outside of meetings.

If you would like to be a part of a GROVE Group please fill out the form below and we'll be in touch about a group:

For more info on groups check out the Q&A below, after the form.



Q: How Will Groups Be Formed?

A: Participants will be matched together with a group facilitator based primarily on availability, with the understanding that a group is most likely to work if you really are available to be there.

Q: When Will Groups Meet?

A: The date and time will be determined as groups are formed.

  • Women's Groups start as early as the week of September 6.
  • The Men's Groups will start by meeting all together on two Wednesdays, September 9th and 16th at Oak Grove Park from 6:30-8:00pm. After that, and as groups form, each one will determine when and where to meet.

Q: Where Will Groups Meet?

A: This can be determined after the group forms as a participant may want to open their home. Or the location may change from week to week.

Q: What about the coronavirus?

A: An added benefit of keeping these groups small is that they can be flexible in how they get together. Maintaining social distancing indoors is much easier with just a few people. Also, with the cooler weather, it should be easy for groups to gather in parks or in driveways, or on porches or patios if members prefer.

Q: What commitment will group participants make?

A: You will make a verbal commitment to make the group a priority and ask for accountability for their commitment. This will be a “semester” commitment. When groups break participants will be invited to keep going or can request to make a change.

Q: What do groups study?

Generally, groups will base their study and discussion on the content of the Sunday sermon. This fall, in October and November our Sunday sermons and groups will go through a series and accompanying guide called "The Gospel Primer."

Q: Will groups only form at the beginning of a “semester?”

A: No. Part of the benefit of these groups is the flexibility to add new groups just about anytime there is a need.