Advent Blocks

Bring a new tradition to your home this holiday season!

Remembering The Reason for The Season

Ever feel like the reason for the season is missed in the craziness that is the holidays? That in the midst of the toys, carols, movies and decorations that the one who we celebrate can get lost in the mix? This Christmas let us help you put Jesus in the center of your holiday traditions.

This holiday season we are bringing a new Christmas tradition to your home that will help teach your family about the real reason for the season, check it out below!

Discipleship rhythms happen in the home—but they also work best when done as a whole church.

This year, we want our church to work through the story of Scripture together in anticipation of Christmas. That’s why we’ve partnered with Advent Blocks to provide a meaningful resource for everyone—yes, everyone.

For families, Advent Blocks, with its family guide, The King Is Coming, is a tangible, 25-day resource that helps kids—and parents—anticipate Jesus, not just presents.

For every adult, He Is Here is a 25-day Advent guide to help us prepare our hearts for Christmas. While it’s made to be used on its own, it follows the stories in The King Is Coming, so everyone’s participating in Advent together.

Here’s what we want everyone to do:

1. Visit and reserve your set/book.

2. Pick up your order from us on Sunday morning.