500 Mile Prayer Walking Initiative

Get moving and praying for our community!

Prayer Walking

Prayer walking is a way for us to pray "on site with insight." You're invited to join us as we walk and ask God to move powerfully in our community this fall.

What we're doing

We're setting a goal to prayer walk 500 miles (or more) as a church from Sunday, August 9 to Saturday, Aug. 29

  • 10 people could walk 50 miles each in 3 weeks. Or 50 people could walk 10 miles. Or even better than that, 100 people could each walk just 5 miles. However, the math works out, we hope you'll jump in.
  • It takes approximately 20 minutes to walk 1 mile, though you might go a little slower as you pray. But just about an hour of walking a week will not only make your doctor happy, it's an opportunity to develop your spiritual eyes and enjoy time with God and others outside.

how to do it

1. Walk

  • Pick a spot to walk - your neighborhood, around your office building, a community park, etc.
  • Use the Prayer Walking Guide and pray as you go.
  • And/or, join us for a Prayer Walking MeetUp on Sundays at 5pm starting at the Oakhill Day School Parking Lot

2. Track your miles

  • Google Maps - Pick a starting point and a destination and google will tell you the round trip walking distance before you head out.
  • MapMyWalk App - Download the app and it will track your walking as you go!

3. Log your miles


This is a great tool that will provide you with a daily reminder to pray by name for your neighbors. Check out the video below for an introduction and then follow the directions below to get started.

1. Sign up for an account... Easy as 1,2,3.

  • Visit blesseveryhome.com and fill out the form asking for your address.* Click “Continue to Step 2.”
  • Fill in your login information (name, email, account password, and church—”The Grove Church.” Click “Continue to Step 3.”
  • Choose how many homes you want to adopt by praying for God to bless them. Select what days you would like to be emailed to be reminded to pray for them. Choose if you want to let others in our church know you are a light who is praying for your neighbors and if you want to be notified when someone new moves into your neighborhood. Accept the terms and conditions. Finish by clicking “Finish.”

2. Pray for the homes that are emailed to you.

You will receive an email with a small list of the homes in your neighborhood based on public record. The email will include a suggested prayer you can pray for those homes. You will see two buttons to click to acknowledge you’ve prayed for those homes. 

3. Track how you are blessing those homes.

By logging into your dashboard at blesseveryhome.com, you can track your progress as you pray, care and share with people.

*Your personal information is not shared by BlessEveryHome.com or its parent ministry, Mapping Center for Evangelism & Church Growth, with any other institution. Residential information is strictly used to map neighbors from open public records in order to create neighborhood lists. No data collected on the site is shared or sold. The information provided in prayer lists is all public data and not collected from any private sources.